Often the driving force for not hiring an outside company to manage your IT needs is cost. At Magic Bullet we want to make this the easy part of your decision.

We know small companies don’t have large budgets for IT. If there are things you can handle in house, great! If you need help with more complex tasks, you can call on us. We are happy to work your team and and ensure you stay within your budget.

From the first call you have with us, we will put your mind at ease and answer all of your questions. No question is too simplistic or too complicated. We’ll do a phone consultation and a visit if necessary to determine what you need.

There is no hidden agenda. We are platform & vendor neutral. You can keep what you are happy with and change what isn’t working. We’ll work with any of your existing vendors, providers, and equipment and we won’t recommend anything you don’t need.

Then we'll lay it out for you so you can decide what makes sense for your situation. You’ll get the straight scoop on how much it will cost and the pros and cons of different approaches.

With Magic Bullet:

  • Free initial consultation
  • There is no monthly retainer
  • You only pay for work you need
  • Hourly rates are straightforward
  • Project quotes or estimates can be provided in advance

Regular rate: $95-105/hour
Charitable rate: $60-$75/hour