We know that our customers need us, in some cases more than ever, during this pandemic. So, we have made some adjustments to ensure that we keep your systems up and running while keeping everyone as safe as possible. Read on for information on what we are doing differently, what you should be doing to work securely from home and how to avoid COVID-19 scams.

COVID-19 Scams!

We are exposed to dozens of email scams and frauds daily - including those related to COVID-19 - so we can quickly recognize what is legitimate and what is not. When in doubt, please call us at 647-483-4048 or forward suspicious messages to us at

What We Are Doing - Keeping our customers and our team safe

What We Are Doing

Keeping our customers and our team safe

Like many companies we have adjusted how we are delivering our services to keep everyone as safe from COVID-19 as possible.

Here’s what we are doing:

  • Remote Support - Whenever possible, we will provide technical support through remote access software. In most cases we just need to set up a time to work on your machine and you can sit back and relax. In cases where we need your involvement, we’ll carefully walk you through any steps needed on your end with an audio or video call.
  • Off-site Repairs - For hardware that needs repair we will pick the item up, work on it off site and drop it off once it is fixed. Special attention will be paid to cleaning all surfaces before equipment is returned.
  • New Equipment Setups - For new hardware setups we’ll arrange with you to have deliveries come straight to us, we’ll get everything setup off-site and then either drop it off to you or arrange a short on-site visit for installation.
  • On-site Visits - In person visits can take place when necessary. We’ll send as few techs as possible to your site - typically just one. Social distance and will be maintained while on site and extra attention will be given to wiping high touch surfaces.

Magic Bullet’s team members work from home and have all been given the option of opting out of on site visits if they have any concerns given their personal situations.

As always, we will communicate with you every step of the way and welcome your input. If you have any suggestions or concerns when seeking our help please let us know and we’ll find a solution that works.

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